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E&S International Enterprises, Inc. (ESI) was founded in 1980 as a branch of its parent company "The Ehsan Company", named after its founder Mr. Ehsan Asherian. The concept of ESI originates from Mr. Ehsan Asherian, who started his business in 1948 selling Philips-branded product overseas.

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In 1979, Mr. Asherian along with his two sons, his daughter, and his son in law started the same business that he was running overseas in California.

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ESI first started as a distribution company for Norelco and Philips branded products to now being a global group of companies. Based out of Van Nuys, California, ESI is now a distributor and manufacturer of an array of consumer products including electronics, appliances, housewares, and other general merchandise. ESI has expanded its customer base through global trade by importing products to the United States from countries such as Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We operate in, and provide a gateway to a growing geography seeded in the United States, extending down into South and Central America, with an especially strong presence in México.

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Our Core Values

The satisfaction of our customer’s needs drive us to innovate, deliver and grow.

Direct and focused customer relations, efficient and scalable operations, financial strength and a culture of entrepreneurial and results driven employees continue to be the foundation of our success and growth.

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