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E&S International Enterprises, Inc. also known as ESI was founded in 1980 as a consumer electronics trading company. Now, we are a global group of companies, based in Van Nuys, California, distributing and manufacturing an array of consumer merchandise including electronics, appliances, housewares, and other general merchandise.

After many years of achievements and progress, our core values have never changed. Direct and focused customer relationships, efficient and scalable operations, financial strength, and a culture of entrepreneurial and results driven employees, continue to be our foundation. From our humble beginnings to our bright future, our values will continually be the foundation of our company.

ESI prides itself in continually connecting ideas with the marketplace. We deliver excellent service through our Online Fulfillment, Distribution, Trading, and Branding business units. We serve as a supply channel partner for as many, or few steps, as a customer or strategic partner requires. Our proven services and expertise are designed to add value in every step of the product lifecycle. Through our customer relationships we have built ESI, and it will always be the satisfaction of our customers’ needs that drive us to innovate, deliver, and grow.

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Our Core Values

The satisfaction of our customer’s needs drive us to innovate, deliver and grow.

Direct and focused customer relations, efficient and scalable operations, financial strength and a culture of entrepreneurial and results driven employees continue to be the foundation of our success and growth.

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